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I'll follow you down

I don't care if we fall from grace

supernatural, marvel, in the flesh, teen wolf, game of thrones and a lil bit of everything

previously sixwingedcas



Every Saint Has a Past

… and every sinner has a future

favourite celebrity meme » favorite photoshoots [1/5]
Standard UK (2014)


guess who is getting ready for halloween! 

And by no right shall a warrior of God fall for a son of Adam for this represents a crime and those that cause the lost of feathers are known as poison.  Book of Chuck; 5:04.

Because no matter where they take me, death I will survive. And I will never be forgotten, with you by my  s i d e.


Get to know me meme: 
Favorite female characters, Ruby [1/10]

x spn x ruby x


If I Promise To Stay || A Sterek Fanmix 

i. walk the river - guillemots // ii. see you soon - benjamin francis leftwich // iii. poet - bastille // iv. human heart - courrier // v. saucer eyes - snowmine // vi. watch over - lucy rose // vii. older - birdy // viii. fall with me - the deer tracks // ix. happy - the daylights // x. somewhere - pascal pinon // xi. - lose your mind - kodaline // xii. promises - the boxer rebellion // xiii. i love you - oliver tank.